Waste Interceptor Cleaning

Waste Interceptor Cleaning

Waste Interceptor Cleaning – What is an interceptor? Why do I need to clean my interceptor?

Waste interceptors are made in order to ensure and allow that only water drains from an outlet. This ensures that pollutants, for example, oil and solids are trapped within the waste interceptor.

Interceptors are commonly found in larger scale retail parks that have restaurants and/or garages on them or car parks. This is due to the waste that is produced by such companies and facilities. The interceptor essentially “intercepts” the waste and ensure that it does not go into the main stream of water.

Here at Alexander Scott Oils, we remove the oil that is accumulated within the interceptor to ensure that the risk of flooding and contamination is minimised which, in turn, provides significant benefits to the environment.

The amount of cleaning that your interceptor needs is dependent on the amount of waste that is put through the interceptor. Should your interceptor not be cleaned the following will occur:

  • Foul smells
  • Vermin
  • Flooding
  • Damage to general drainage

This can, of course, cause problems for the general environment of the facility. It is your responsibility to ensure that your interceptor is being maintained and cleaned by companies that have the relevant skills and documentation in order to undergo the work that is needed.

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