Waste Engine Oils

Waste Engine Oil

Why Waste Engine Oils Collection is Important.

Waste Engine Oils are a common part of our everyday lives. According to estimates changing the oil in cars and trucks produces 8 BILLION gallons of used motor oil each year from all around the world.

So, what’s the problem with this?

The issue is that waste engine oils are hazardous. If your waste engine oils are poured down the drain major issues, including polluting waterways and killing wildlife, could occur as well as the issues in the image below.

The benefits of disposing of your waste engine oils using us here at Alexander Scott Oils are:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Contributing to the protection and safeguarding of wildlife
  • Law abiding
  • Effects your health and safety score in a positive way

You can see more on oil safety and collection in our latest blog.

Alexander Scott Oils provide an efficient, effective and reliable service for Waste Engine Oil Collection around the Glasgow area. To see if we are in your area you can contact us here or fill in the form below.

The waste engine oils that we collect contribute further to the environment as they are collected and processed into non-virgin fuels for the use in power generation. Therefore, not only are you following the law and improving your health and safety score but you are also helping to support the health of our environment in many different ways. This is the main mission and vision that is shared by the Alexander Scott Oils team and will be our main focus in everything we do. By working together we can help the environment in our everyday work and personal lives.

If you need your waste engine oil collected then fill in the form below and one of the members of our helpful team will get back to you.

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